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Golf Air is a luxury tour operator connecting the most incredible destinations in Southern Africa by Private Flights.

"It was easily the best member-trip we've done with your club yet, and I travel a lot with my membership. The golfing and non-golfing itinerary was perfectly put together. Thank you."

A Private Club Pro from the Midwestern US.


Your journey is all inclusive. Just show up, everything is taken care of. 


Feedback from our guests...

Thank you for traveling with us.

"Gotta bring the whole family next time, that was perfect."

Mr Randy W.


"Thank you, Al & Roz. It was the best trip we have done with our club yet! It was so fabulous!"

Mr & Mrs Virant


“I thought my life was great until that experience… That was way more than just a vacation, it was a dream."

Mrs Brooke L.


"Trip of a lifetime!! And Golf Air is amazing!!"

Mrs Marla B.


"I can't speak for golf, not being a player, but the excursions were fantastic and well-planned. The trip of a lifetime! We were well pampered along the way."

Mrs Marianne C.


"Roz and Al! Our South African trip with you was once again perfect and forever in my memory bank!!!! Thank you for providing us with such wonderful experiences!!! I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite!!! Be sure to let us know when you come to the US!!! Lots of hugs!"

Mr & Mrs Virant


"Liz and I had so much fun on the trip. Since we've been home, many people have asked us about the trip. We have both had trouble describing how awesome the trip was because we don't have a good enough vocabulary. For me the trip was very much like being a child on Christmas morning so excited to open the first Christmas present. Every day on this trip was like that because every day we knew there was going to be something new and exciting to see and experience. And just like opening that first present on Christmas morning, whatever it was we experienced each day of the trip brought that same kind of joy and happiness. We really had an awesome time."

Mr Mike B. 


"Trip of a lifetime! Roz and Al were amazing, they were always one step ahead ensuring the trip ran smoothly."

Mr Lucas W.


"Roz and Al, we can’t thank you enough for the fabulous ‘trip of a lifetime’, while our dogs are glad we are home, we wish we were still on the adventure. You were amazing hosts and the agenda you put together for us was first class from the moment we landed.

Mr Bob R.


"It was a great trip with our club. See you again in 2022."

Mr Sam B.


"I must be honest, our trip was absolutely splendid!"

Mr Dave C.


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