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・Private Luxury Aircraft・

Enjoy your flight

Our aircraft of choice to give you the most comfortable flight to the top golf destinations

When you fly with Golf Air you have your aircraft to yourself for the duration of the journey. This enables us to quickly adjust to any changes should you wish to customize or alter the planned itinerary. There is no check-in time or waiting and you walk from the private lounge at the airport onto the aircraft after enjoying a refreshing drink at the airport lounge. The aircraft listed below allows us to land at the most remote airfields, giving us very short road transfer time to each golf course or hotel, as your comfort is our primary concern. Golf Air has a two-crew policy on all our aircraft to ensure ultimate safety and service.


Multi Engine Turbine

Range: 2400 km
Passengers: 4-6
Crew: 2
Speed: 430 km/h


Muti Engine Turbine

Range: 3300 km
Passengers: 4-8
Crew: 2
Speed: 530 km/h


Multi Engine Turbine

Range: 1800 km
Passengers: 10-18
Crew: 2
Speed: 480 km/h